Digital Technologies

Program Description

  • Prepare for a career in Information Technology
  • Earn critical industry certifications
  • Learn Computer Programming and App Development
  • Gain Computer Repair and System Support techniques and knowledge
  • Learn Health Care Computer Technology (VCT Campus only)
  • Learn Video and Photo Editing using highly in demand software
  • Create high-impact web pages, video games, animation, graphics, using advanced programming and software applications

Course Topics

  • IT Essentials – Computer and Software Repair and Installation
  • Web Development – Web Designer
  • Video and Audio Editing – Video and Audio Engineer
  • Cisco® Networking – Computer Network Technician
  • Computer Programming – Computer Software Developer
  • 3D Animation – 3D animation Creator
  • Senior Capstone – Students Focus on their pathway to information technology

Industry-Recognized Credentials

  • CompTIA® – Information TechnologyFundamentals
  • CompTIA® – Cloud Essentials
  • Fiber Optics Association – Certified Premises Cabling Technician
  • Fiber Optics Association -Certified Fiber Optics Technician

Career Opportunities

Entry Level (with high school diploma and career training)
  • Computer Support and Network Cabling Technician
  • System Helpdesk Technician and Office Equipment Technician
Technical (with CTE training, associate degree, technical certification)
  • Computer System Administrator
  • Level One Programming Engineer
Professional (with Bachelor’s degree & beyond)
  • Computer System Manager of Information Technology
  • Networking Engineer

Program Instructor

Scott Gilbert
Sentinel CTC